What’s Going On?–Latest News

April 2020–

Lots going on over the last year! The latest Dirk Daiquiri novella was released on Kindle; ‘Our Lady of San Francisco.’  I’m currently writing Dirk story #5, which is called ‘A Murder in Sea Cliff.‘  Hope to release it later this spring or early summer.

New music by my group the Tiki Delights was released through CD Baby and available for streaming and downloading on all major digital distribution sites like Amazon, I Tunes, and Spotify, to name a few.  These are songs that have been produced since the release of our last CD, SWANK.  Our music is getting out to folks all around the globe, and we’re grateful for that!

The last year or so also saw the release of vintage music under my name, Darren Long, and also Valley Baptist Church, and Roundhouse. All this vintage music is available at I Tunes, Spotify, I Tunes, Amazon and other sites.  These releases cover my whole musical life, going back to my group Roundhouse in the 1980s.

Stay tuned for new novels coming this year!!

November 2018–

It’s been a productive year for Darren Long books! Earlier in the year I released  ‘Omni Hut: Celebrating Tennessee’s Tiki Treasure,‘ my history of Smyrna, TN’s iconic Polynesian eatery that, sadly, closed in October after a 58-year run by the Walls family.  It was a book that took about a year and a half to complete.  I then released a small book called ‘My Memories of Military Service in the Navy,’ a memoir originally composed by my friend Bob James.  He had typed up his story of his 2 years in the Navy during WWII, and I converted it into a paperback book with actual b & w photos from Bob’s collection. Bob’s book is on Kindle, here & Amazon, the Omni Hut book only in paperback here & on Amazon.

During the summer of 2018, we released ‘The Family & Friends Cookbook,’ a collection of recipes from all over the world from dear folks we know and love. Each recipe has a blog-style entry by me, explaining the significance of the recipe, some info on the people involved, and other tid bits. Available on Kindle and as a paperback on this site, & Amazon.

In the fall of 2018 I released my fourth Dirk Daiquiri private eye story—‘Our Lady of San Francisco,’ available on Kindle.  I’ll be starting Dirk #5 soon, aiming for a Spring 2019 release.

My newest book–‘You Can’t Make This Up’–will be released this month! It’s a fun collection of essays, written in the style of old newspaper columns by my idols Herb Caen, Erma Bombeck, and Lewis Grizzard.  More on that soon.

I’m also planning to release my first novel in 2019!!!

January 2018–

The Dirk Daiquiri Trilogy paperback book is available for sale here on my site. Click the Dirk Daiquiri tab for details on ordering.

New books hitting the market this month—more updates soon!!—-

June 22, 2017—

The time has arrived at last!!  The brand new Tiki Delights CD, SWANK is available here as a real CD on my site, or if you prefer downloads–please visit CDBaby, ITunes, Amazon and others!—SWANK will ‘officially’ debut this Saturday night, June 24th, on Koop Kooper’s great podcast—Cocktail Nation.

October 30, 2016——

New Dirk Daiquiri Private Eye short story is out on Amazon/Kindle!—‘Dirk Daiquiri in: Frantic in the Fog’-


A new Tiki Delights track will be released in November…stay tuned!—-

May 11, 2016……….

The Tiki Delights are busy finishing up their new Lounge 6-song CD…SWANK, with a projected summer release.

More on that soon!!

In March and April I released my first short stories to Kindle/Amazon! My private eye Dirk Daiquiri fights crime in beautiful

1957 San Francisco.  2 stories are now available, more to follow.  Click the Dirk Daiquiri tab for more info.


March 31, 2015…….

The Tiki Delights have 2 new Lounge songs out! SWANK is a vocal rendition…very 60’s Lounge and is

available for downloads only at amazon, ITunes, Spotify and more. The instrumental version of this song is

called SWANKOLOGY and will soon be up for downloads at the same places.

We’ve received some very positive feedback

on the new tunes and have been played on several podcasts/radio shows. Thanks for the support!—-

Plans are in progress for a new Tiki Delights CD of Lounge tunes. We’ll be returning to Exotica soon, as well!

New artwork is by Eric October, who did our first cover. Visit him at www.ericoctober.com


tiki delights single4 w-text


February 16, 2015——


Well, it’s been too long since I did a news update…ha! The last year was very productive for sales of “Meet The Tiki Delights!”-

Also, I’ve composed enough new material to fill 2 or 3 CD’s! This includes more Exotica, Surf, Spaghetti Western, Hawaiian,

and even some Tijuana Brass styled instrumentals. Not to mention our new Lounge single that’s coming out in a few weeks!

The tune is called SWANK and has me handling the vocal, with John Heinrich on tenor sax, with Dan Serafini on keys.

Engineered and co-produced with John Nanni & Dan Serafini here in Nashville, TN….hotbed of Lounge…kidding!—–


To go along with the new Lounge single….fantastic artist Eric October, who created my vision for the Meet the Tiki Delights! CD cover,

 has once again created a very special piece of art to accompany the song.

Can’t wait to share the song and the artwork!  Stay tuned for an official release.




August 27th, 2013——————-Tiki FrontyardNEW

The new Summer/Fall issue of Tiki Magazine is out!!!—My CD ad looks great…and even better is my article on TN Tiki carver, George Walls. It was a pleasure to write about George and share him with the Tiki World…he’s very talented. Another talented gent is Joe Loesch…who took the great photos for the magazine article. Joe also was our roving photographer at the CD Party…Thanks, Joe!! The photo above with the Tikis was snapped by John Nanni.

 Shortly, I’ll have the article posted here on my site uner Tiki Magazine Articles, of course.  Hope you enjoy!—-

The “Meet The Tiki Delights!” CD Release Party was a big success here in Nashville!  A splendid Tiki Time was had by all those who could squeeze into our modest ranch style home. Everyone had on aloha shirts or something close to Hawaiian…the decor was great, The Trader Vic’s Tonga Punch was a hit….and I cooked up a mess of Chinese food(and the kitchen was a mess!). Vickie baked some very cool desserts, too…and as a special bonus….Polly Walls of the fab Tiki eatery Omni Hut, donated Polynesian Pit Ribs and their famous Tahitian Tidbits. Nobody went hungry that day!! Polly’s brother George Walls also attened and surprised us by hauling 3 of his great Tiki carvings to the party…we displayed them on the front porch area….and with the tiki torches, it made for a Totally Tikified Welcoming!

I made 3 CD’s of Exotica & Hawaiian music from mostly LP’s that played in the backgtound, but at one point folks were asking to hear the new CD….so we stopped everything and gave it the old spin. Reactions were very positive…even a couple rounds of applause. I was very happy and humbled, too. That was a cool moment to share with all our friends. A big thanks to all the attendees……and thanks for your support of the CD and what we do as musicians. We even sold 9 copies of the CD. Those who played on the CD or did engineering and graphics who attended were: John Nanni, Mark Stacy, Jimmy Abegg, John Heinrich, Bobby King, and Tisha Simeral. Great to have them there!! Want to thank all our friends who have purchased ‘Meet The Tiki Delights!’—sure appreciate it. For those who haven’t yet….you can buy one right on this site 🙂 There’s a new tab on this site called MEET THE TIKI DELIGHTS CD REVIEWS…..please check those out if you’re planning to buy a copy…Mahalo!

You can click on the Photo Gallery tab and see the photos from the awesome party! And thanks to Lucas Gravell for loaning us his surfboard for a photo backdrop…..very cool!

Also, Eric October out in San Diego sold 11 of my CD’s at Tiki Caliente(a big Tiki show)….very cool!  Eric did the fantastic CD cover art for ‘Meet the Tiki Delights!’ and he’s a big promoter of things Tiki and has taken the CD under his wing and will sell and promote it in Southern California….Thanks, Eric!


Friday August 16th, 2013 News Flash!———-

‘MEET THE TIKI DELIGHTS!’ IS READY AT LAST!!…..Buy your copy now here on my site. It’s officially up on CDBaby, Itunes & Amazon for downloads only.

Sunday August 18th is the official CD Release Party here at the Long residence. Nashville goes Tiki Big-Time….with lots of Tiki decor, classic Tiki Tunes and loads of Polynesian food and drinks….If you’re in the Nashville area….drop me an email and I’ll give you the invite treatment!! Thanks to all who made this CD come together….Mahalo!!



Hey Everybody! This is June 23 &  it’s been a very good and busy last 2 months, to say the least!  Finished up my latest CD featuring my new group..THE TIKI DELIGHTS. We completed mixing and mastering of the 6 songs on June 13th. Eric October is a wonderfully talented artist from Los Angeles who did a fantastic painting for my CD cover….a colorful Tiki foursome that’s a fun spoof on the classic “Meet The Beatles” album from 1964.  Jimmy Abegg did the cool graphics and we’re about to press up the CD’s…which will be ready to purchase here under Music very soon!

I’ve been blessed with another article for Tiki Magazine…making this article #3….very pleased to be back. This Summer 2013 issue is gonna be huge for me, with my article on Tennessee Tiki carver George Walls, a review of my new CD…and an ad for the CD we’re running.  Also, in the Spring 2013 issue of Tiki Mag…I had my interviews with podcasters Koop Kooper and Mark Riddle….two great guys who play the best Lounge & Exotica music out there.

  As a follow up (due to having SO much extra answers to my original 10 questions) Koop & Mark  allowed me to write website-only articles for them.  Both articles are posted on my ‘Darren Speaks’ page. BTW…my Tiki Mag articles can be read here on my site under the ‘Tiki Magazine’ Tab. If you haven’t gotten your subscription yet to the awesome Tiki Magazine…visit www.tikimagazine.com.  It’s the best way to keep up on the happenings of Tiki around the world.

Photos this time were shot by a very talented guy here in Nashville named Joe Loesch, and they should really pop on the pages of the magazine!

Also…finished my first short story. I’ve created a fictional Private Eye named Dirk Daiquri…who resides in San Francisco in 1957. He’s a former SF detective who loves wearing aloha shirts instead of a suit and tie….and really loves the Polynesian life and hangs out at the once popular Tiki Bob’s drinking his favorite Mai Tais. In between he manages to fight crime and solve some cases. The first story is called…”The Dancing Mai Tai”. My long term plan is to write 5 short stories to start…more if it takes off. I’m looking into publishing the Dirk books in paperback…and they’ll be for sale here on my site.

Those are the latest big events in my creative world….planning a ‘Meet The Tiki Delights CD Release Party’ to be held at  The Long Estate sometime in August!  We’ll officially announce the date soon. If you’re in Nashville…drop on by and set a spell….Cheers!!