Music–Past Forward

“PAST FORWARD” is Darren’s first CD;  an 11 song tribute to his musical heroes….The Beatles, Ricky Nelson, Roy Orbison, Burt Bacharach and more. All songs written and produced by Darren in the style of 60’s Pop/Rock. Journey back to the days of Top 40 radio diversity and enjoy a ‘Blast From The Past’ in a modern setting….”Yesterday’s Sounds Today!”—-Sample sound bites below!—-

“Past Forward” by Darren Long is an outstanding record with rich songs that sweep you away melodically, lyrically and production-wise. The vocals are warm and enchanting and draw you into the emotions of the moment. The ”Past” portion is a reflection of the music that we (i.e. the boomers) all grew up listening to, and the “Forward” part is the high-quality recording, mixing and mastering that comes across on this project. Darren has out done himself on this CD, and it is definitely in the rotation of the music I will listen to on a regular basis”. —John Nanni, Producer; Three Creeks Music.

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Check out the sound bites from Darren’s Past Forward CD!

01-All I Ever02- A Man in Love03-Why04-He Took the Stars05-Whatever You Got 06-Takes One to Know One 07-The One 08-Unhappy Ever After09-Beatrice, I Fear

10-Back to Him

11-Fly Back Home