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My newest e-book, Life: Vignettes from the Journey, is available on Amazon/Kindle

7 short essays on my life as a kid in San Francisco, and a few others.  Light and breezy!–


Life: Vignettes from the Journey by [Long, Darren]

DIRK DAIQUIRI IS ON THE SCENE!!!—March and April of 2016 saw the release of the first 2 in a series of Tiki noir private eye adventures.  Journey back to 1957 San Francisco for a series of short stories about a former SF detective who is now a Private Investigator solving crimes and managing to enjoy the Tiki/Lounge lifestyle of San Francisco at the same time.  Dirk prefers aloha shirts to suits, doesn’t wear a hat, drinks mai tais and martinis, and generally is cool and wisecracking!!  Along with his ex-partner Detective Steve Hardeman, and his new secretary, Smitty, Dirk is busy fighting crime in a most beautiful locale!

Pick up copies of the stories in Kindle form by clicking the link below….  Superb original artwork is by Eric October……Cheers!!—


Dirk Daiquiri in:  Frantic in the Fog by [Long, Darren]





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